Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Second Chances

Mohinder Suresh had a good life in India with his girlfriend, Mira Shenoy. But he once again found himself entangled in his father's research and broke a promise to her by pursuing it. This pursuit soon led to his death at Samuel's hands.

Fortunately he was rescued from that fate by the time-altering Hiro Nakamura. Having shared his knowledge of Samuel with Noah Bennet and built him a compass to find the Carnival, Suresh plans on returning home to Mira, intent on making amends.

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Story by Oliver Grigsby
Art by Luis Puig
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Lettering by Comicraft
Produced by Nanci Quesada

Graphic Novel Issue # 162
Released : January 18, 2009

The Trip Part 2 : Elementary, My Dear Hiro

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