Thursday, February 18, 2010

From the Files of Primatech Part 1 : 1963

In 1961, the US government rounded up anyone exhibiting unexplainable abilities and sent them to be studied at an internment camp in Coyote Sands, New Mexico. It was there that a young Angela Petrelli met a trio of teenaged boys named Charles Deveaux, Bob Bishop, and Daniel Linderman, with whom she would sneak out of camp at night for a touch of teenage fun and normalcy.

It was on one of these forays out of camp that the bubbling tensions between the camp's "guests" and armed guards boiled over into an all-out massacre. That night, Angela, Charles, Bob, and Daniel swore that they would form a company to protect people like them — people with abilities.

That was just over two years ago...

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Story by Howie Kaplan
Art by Jason Badower
Lettering by Comicraft
Produced by Aspen MLT Inc.

Graphic Novel Issue # 166
Released : February 17, 2009


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